It Could Rain

by Taylor Raynor

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It Could Rain is a demo-style album. Raw, emotive, and a little drunk, this record is a somber collection of personal songs. This is not an example of a perfect album but there are some good melodies and lyrics and honest feelings. Thanks to Félix Hatfield for the inspiration.


released November 30, 2018

Music & Lyrics: Taylor Raynor
Recording Engineer: Andrew Boullianne
Recorded at Lala Mansion in Tampa


all rights reserved



Taylor Raynor Tampa, Florida

Hi, I'm Taylor Raynor, a Tampa based singer-songwriter. My goal is to write and perform music that is meaningful and true. I hope that my music can make someone feel the way music makes me feel. My influences are Nick Drake, Bright Eyes, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and all the sad folk and indie music I've ever heard. I play guitar and violin and I love to write. ... more

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Track Name: Poet and a Beat
I'd like to be a poet and a beat
But how can one compare to the greats
I feel so small like I'm nothing at all
I just wanna be someone who creates

I'd like to be an artist on the street
Meeting people just the same
To contribute on a level that greater than myself
Then maybe someday somebody will know my name

I'd like to make you feel as I've felt before
Through a song and a story and a dream
Like a wise friend once said
He's not a religious man but he hears god in the music sometimes

I feel it too
I hear it too
I feel something in the music sometimes
Track Name: Another Day
Another day trapped in hell
I can't get relief
Maybe I should take those pills
Then I'll feel nothing

In the night
I can't sleep, I can't breathe
All of time seems to stop
And rewind

But it's so beautiful outside

In my mind
Another thought of demise
What am I
Doing here with my life?

It's so beautiful outside

Drinks it quick
It will help
Numb yourself
Pretty soon you won't feel anything

It's so beautiful outside
Track Name: Artist That Doesn't Write
I am an artist that doesn't write
I go to a bar and get high every night
My throat hurts and nicotine flows through my veins
But I do it anyway

I used to live life in rosy hues
But now it's just my bloodshot eyes in the rearview
Still drunks from yesterday
When will I learn from my mistakes?

I look up to all the wrong people
My bible is just the words of my idols
And all the saints I praise
Have ended their lives in their own way

A beat in a bar is just another fool
Just a burnout thinking he's real cool
So smoke your cigarette, write your poem and put that gun to your head
I'm done following in your footsteps
Track Name: Fade Away
Will I fade away
Can you give me a taste
What do I need to succeed

When the drugs kick in
Will I feel anything
Will I get better in time

And to no avail
We ask for heaven but stuck in hell
What is the point of this life

Even dust in the wind
Becomes something again
You just need to give it some time

Even the best start as a spec
What do you expect
They just work till they're a star in the sky

I saw a light
It told me to fight
It told me to read and to write
Track Name: Sorry You Lost Your Friend
I'm sorry you lost your friend
I feel I'm losing something myself
Sometimes I think about him

I bought you a record
That I'd heard before
You could use it more than me right now

I hope that it helps
It gets me through at times
But on darker occasions
It can be hard to find the light

A drink and a cigarette
Might help for a moment but it won't bring back a friend
It won't bring back a friend

I don't understand it and it hurts some days
But we're given this "gift" they call life
I don't understand it and it never seems fair
But we're given this "gift" they call life

Some days I'm happy
Some nights I'm scared
But those are the nights that I write

Some days I'm happy
Most nights I'm scared
But those are the nights that I write

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